Over the Air Firmware Update Demo

  • A bash script to perform an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update

C Cpp

GoPro C/C++ Demos

  • Two C / C++ demos to send media commands and start/stop the preview

GoPro Low Latency Stream Demo

  • Low latency webcam/preview stream



  • A C# demo for discovering, pairing, connecting and controlling a camera

CSharp Webcam Demo

  • A C# demo to demonstrate webcam functionality


Multi Webcam

  • A python demo for configuring and viewing multiple webcams from one computing device

Open GoPro Python SDK

  • A Python package to easily exercise the Open GoPro API’s + CLI’s for taking pictures, videos, etc


Swift Enable WiFi Demo

  • A swift demo for discovering, connecting and enabling Wi-Fi on a GoPro camera