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GoPro Bones QR Code Creator

Create a custom camera mode, and even start a capture all through QR Codes. This is the fastest way to access many of the new GoPro Labs’ firmware features that are pre-installed on Bones. Many features of this page are also available as a mobile app.
Install from: google play apple app store

Scanning Your Code

scanning Whether you scan a QR Code from a laptop screen, a mobile phone, or a piece of paper, the code should be a minimum 1.5"/4cm in size with the camera about 6"/15cm away. The larger the QR Code, the easier it is to scan. Point the camera at the center of the code, hold it still for about a second. With each successful scan the LED will flash twice. The camera will now be in the mode you have selected.

Camera Settings

      4:3  4:3  4:3 
      4:3  4:3 
Frame Rate:          
Lens FOV:      
or Max Lens Mod:    
or Max Lens Mod:     
or Max Lens Mod:    
Burst Style:        
TimeWarp Speed:        
TLV Interval:          
NLV Interval:        
Photo Properties:
Wind Reduction:           

  Your Virtual Touch Screen

  Bit rate:        
  White Balance:                    
  ISO Min:                       
  ISO Max:                       
  Lock Shutter:                          
  EV Compensation:                          
  Protune Reset:  

  Voice Control:        
  Quick Capture:        
  Default Mode:              
  Orientation Lock:   Landscape            Portrait              
  Camera Auto Off:              
  WiFi Connections:              
  Voice Language:                                               


  Auto Wake on Power:     
  Use 12GB Chapters:     
  Overclock Bitrate:     
     Warning: The only risk is SD card encoding reliability, as this capture is thoroughly tested at the default bitrates, up to 100Mb/s. Some SD cards can support higher bit-rates when fairly new, but then may fail when extensively used. As the bit-rate is increased, the probability of capture failures increase. Lower frame rate maybe more reliable than higher framerates as some extreme overclocks. Experiment extensively before using this feature on critical projects. You can also disable LRVs and audio capture to help push the video bitrate to the maximum. See more on these Labs extensions. Changes can be reversed with a Labs reset. This will not damage your GoPro.
  Auto Capture Trigger:
        Sensitivity: (value from range ).   
SPL (dB) at 1m/3ft Activity
30 calm room
40-60 conversation
60-80 passenger car
80-90 busy roadway
100 jack hammer
110 chain saw
120 air horn
Sensitivity Activity
1 Throwing the camera
2 Jumps
5 any hand-held movement
8 tiny movement
9 small tremor
1 Everything moving
2 Large nearby movement
3 Medium object movement
4 small movement
5 tiny movement
6 any change

        Delay start: seconds.
        Hold time: capture seconds after motion stops.

Additional Commands:


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version 1.08

updated: May 3, 2022