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Altered File Naming via QR Code

You GoPro HERO8 will typically name your files something like GOPR3606.JPG and GH013607.MP4. If you format your media, and factory reset your camera, you can change the file counter back to zero, but otherwise, you have no control over the file name, until this Labs hack. This intended for high volume multiple camera production, where simply naming the source media different will ease post productions. WARNING: The GoPro App and GoPro Plus will not support these renamed files.

Your base filename here: (use only a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ‘-‘, “_” and ‘+’ characters)
Up to eight characters. e.g. “CAMERA06”

Your filenames with be in the format: nameGH013607.MP4 and nameGOPR3607.JPEG

Can be restored by setting the basename to nothing.

QR Command: time

ver 1.01