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Daily Long Time-lapses

An extension of Extra Long Time-lapses feature, just performed during particular hours, to extend your battery life and reduce the number of images you will assemble into a time-lapse. Remember to set your camera’s clock before using this QR Code.

Daytime Time-lapse Calculator

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Daily Timelapse

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This type of timelapse, booting the camera for every image, is less reliable than using Daily-Timelapse.

Extending Time-lapse Duration

Simply replacing the battery is the easiest solution for long captures. After the battery is replaced, power on the camera so that the time-lapse can continue. You might want to set and forget for a multi-week or multi-month time-lapse, for this A/C powering the camera via USB is the best. With continuous power supplied, the battery should be removed, and the camera should run for a very long time (only SD card storage limitations.) You might be tempted to use a Lithium Ion USB powerbank, however they typically do not work well (see below for solutions.) They are designed to quickly recharge a smartphone, and when they think power is no longer needed, they shut-off. For this reason they get you far shorter captures than you would expect. If you want to try a USB powerbank, you must remove the GoPro battery for good results. For long captures away from the power grid, the best solution is a small 12V 18+Ah sealed lead acid battery and attached a non-smart (doesn’t shut off) USB regulator. With the right photo interval, this configuration could last a year on a single charge.

Solutions for Using External Lithium Ion USB Batteries

As stated above, most Lithium Ion USB power-banks will shut-off early, even when the camera still needs the power. A select few USB battery sources include an “always on feature” designed for time-lapse projects. This one can even solar recharge the battery at the same time.

The second option is a USB keep alive device that prevents your USB power bank from shutting down. Examples: from and from

Compatibility: Labs enabled HERO5 Session, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, HERO11, HERO12, MAX and BONES

updated: Sept 13, 2023

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