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Daily Time-lapse Video and Optional Upload

If your camera is already configured (via the Quik App) to enable auto upload to the GoPro cloud, you can use this daily timelapse to automatically sync each day. Requires a GoPro Subscription. Ideal for daily documentation for a construction or sunsize/sunsets.

Note: it is best to set your camera’s date and time before using this QR Code for improved precision.

Time-lapse Settings




Time-lapse Capture Time

Start Time:

Capture Length: minutes    End Time:

Daily playback length (at 30fps): seconds

Daily Timelapse and Upload

Share this QR Code as a URL:

Solutions for extra long captures

A/C powering the camera via USB is the best. With continuous power supplied, remove the internal battery (charging can reset the wake timer), and the camera should run for a very long time (only SD card storage limitations.) You might be tempted to use a Lithium Ion USB powerbank, however they typically do not work well. They are designed to quickly recharge a smartphone, and when they think power is no longer needed, they shut-off. A select few USB battery sources include an “always on feature” designed for time-lapse projects. This one can even solar recharge the battery at the same time. The second option is add a USB keep alive device that prevents your USB power bank from shutting down. Examples: from and from

Compatibility: Labs enabled HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, HERO11, HERO12 and BONES

updated: Sept 13, 2023

More features for Labs enabled cameras