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Full List the Settings Commands

Mode commands:

* Time/Night-Lapse modes: The camera defaults to having presets for only one time-lapse mode and one night-lapse mode, yet both modes have two configurations (video or photo.) For all QR Code mode commands to work, a preset is needed for every mode you wish to use. e.g. If you only have a preset for night-lapse video (NLV), the QR command for NLV will work, but will not for night-lapse photo (NLP). To solve this, create a new preset for NLP, and both video and photo night-lapse commands will work.

Defaults modes (on power up):

Lens - FOV:


Frame rates:

Time-lapse frame rates:

NightLapse frame rates:


Depth (H11 only):

White Balance:

ISO Minimum and Maximum (set to together with format i(max)M(min)):

ISO Maximum and Shutter Lock (set to together format i(max)S(angle)):

EV Compensation:


Night Photo exposure time:

GoPro MAX Shooting Modes

GoPro HERO9/10/11 Front Screen controls

GoPro HERO9/10/11 Max Lens Mod Controls

Feature with off and on commands:

Some further option (‘o’) commands:

HERO11 UX modes:

Experiment Here

Typing-in Your Custom Mode:

Custom Mode:

ver 1.15

updated: Nov 8, 2022

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