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Sound Pressure Level Capture Trigger

This trigger uses the SPL of the audio detected start and stop captures. Example: Rocket launches with an uncertain launch time, set the SPL to automatically start a capture when the engines fire.

Customize SPL Detected Capture

      Start Sensitivity    dB or above, start capture
      End Sensitivity    dB or below, stop capture
      Start Delay    seconds before reading audio level.
      Hold Time    seconds, to continue recording after audio level has dropped.


Note: you will have to manually set the mode in which you capture. The detector can be combined with the Hindsight feature on HERO9/10/11.

Sound Pressure Trigger

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Sensitivity Examples (Uncalibrated, so please experiment)

SPL (dB) at 1m/3ft Activity
30 calm room
40-60 conversation
60-80 passenger car
80-90 busy roadway
100 jack hammer
110 chain saw
120 horn

On Screen Feedback


Compatibility: Labs enabled HERO9, HERO10, HERO11, HERO12 and BONES only

updated: Sept 13, 2023

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