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GoPro QR Code Creator

Create a custom camera mode, and even start a capture all through QR Codes. This is the fastest way to access many of the new GoPro Labs’ firmware features. indicates the control requires HERO10 Labs 1.20 or better. Many features of this page are also available as a mobile app.
Install from: google play apple app store

Camera Mode:  
Presets †:            

Time/Night-Lapse modes: The camera defaults to having presets for only one time-lapse mode and one night-lapse mode, yet both modes have two configurations (video or photo.) For all QR Code mode commands to work, a preset is needed for every mode you wish to use. e.g. If you only have a preset for night-lapse video (NLV), the QR command for NLV will work, but will not for night-lapse photo (NLP). To solve this, create a new preset for NLP, and both video and photo night-lapse commands will work.

Video Resolution:  

Video Resolution:                 

FPS Video:  

Max Lens Mod:         

Max Lens Mod:         


Max Lens Mod:         


Burst Style:              

TimeWarp Speed:                    

Timelapse Interval:                       
    HERO 8/9              

Nightlapse Interval:                       



Hindsight (HERO9/10):              

Duration (HERO9/10):                    

Photo Properties:

Wind Reduction:           


      Protune Reset:  
      Protune Color:           
      Bit rate:        
      White Balance:                   
      ISO Min:                       
      ISO Max:                       
      Lock Shutter:                 
            (extended beyond camera menu)         
      EV Compensation:                          
      RAW Audio:              

      Voice Control:        
      Quick Capture:        
      Default Mode:           
      Beep Volume:                    
      Display Brightness:              
      LEDs On:           
      Orientation Lock:   Landscape            Portrait              
      Camera Auto Off:              
      Screen Auto Off:              
      WiFi Connections:              
      Voice Language:              


      Shutdown and capture in: hours mins secs
         or at camera time: (format 24hr HH:MM)
         or minutes after sunrise: e.g. -30 for mins before (requires GPS)
         or minutes after sunset: e.g. -45 for mins before (requires GPS)
      Start Capture:            
      End Capture:            
      End capture after: hours mins secs
         or at camera time: (format 24hr HH:MM)

      Start via Motion Detection: start end sensitivity (1-9)
         Delay start: seconds to get out of the shot.
         Mask motion: seconds to learn background motion.
         Hold time: seconds to capture after motion stops.

      Start at GPS Velocity (km/h): start speed end speed
Hold time: seconds)


Additional Commands:


Share this QR Code as a URL:

Compatibility: Labs enabled HERO5 Session, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, MAX and Bones

HERO10 Note: LCD must be on for the QR Code scanning to be active.

More features for Labs enabled cameras

version 1.54

updated: Mar 15, 2022