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GoPro QR Code Creator

Create a custom camera mode, and even start a capture all through QR Codes. This is the fastest way to access many of the new GoPro Labs’ firmware features. 10/11/12 indicates the camera model required. Many features of this page are also available as a mobile app.
Install from: google play apple app store

Camera Mode:           
  HERO12 Video Modes:      
  Presets 10/11:            
  Computational Modes:      

Time/Night-Lapse modes: The camera defaults to having presets for only one time-lapse mode and one night-lapse mode, yet both modes have two configurations (video or photo.) For all QR Code mode commands to work, a preset is needed for every mode you wish to use. e.g. If you only have a preset for night-lapse video (NLV), the QR command for NLV will work, but will not for night-lapse photo (NLP). To solve this, create a new preset for NLP, and both video and photo night-lapse commands will work.

Video Resolution:              

Video Resolution:                 

Video Resolution:        

FPS Video:                             


Max Lens Mod:      
Max Lens Mod 2.0:         

Max Lens Mod:         


Max Lens Mod:         


Burst Style:              

TimeWarp Speed:                    

Timelapse Interval:                       
    HERO 8/9              

Nightlapse Interval:                       




Photo Properties:

Wind Reduction:           

    Click to select the preferred icon:
    Preset name:

    Spot Meter Coord (x,y):

      Protune Reset:  
      Protune Color:           
      Color Depth:        
      Bit rate:               
      White Balance:                   
      ISO Min:                       
      ISO Max:                       
      Lock Shutter:                 
            (extended beyond camera menu)         
      EV Compensation:                          
      RAW Audio:              

      Voice Control:        
      Quick Capture:        
      Default Mode:              
      Beep Volume:                    
      Display Brightness:              
      LEDs On:           
      Orientation Lock:   Landscape            Portrait              
      Camera Auto Off:                 
      Screen Auto Off:              
      WiFi Connections:              
      Voice Language:              


      Shutdown and capture in: hours mins secs
         or at camera time: (format 24hr HH:MM)
         or minutes after sunrise: e.g. -30 for mins before (requires GPS)
         or minutes after sunset: e.g. -45 for mins before (requires GPS)
      Start Capture:            
      End Capture:            
      End capture after: hours mins secs
         or at camera time: (format 24hr HH:MM)

      Start via Motion Detection: start end sensitivity (1-9)
         Delay start: seconds to get out of the shot.
         Mask motion: seconds to learn background motion.
         Hold time: seconds to capture after motion stops.

      Start at GPS Velocity (km/h): start speed end speed
Hold time: seconds)


Additional Commands:


Share this QR Code as a URL:

Compatibility: Labs enabled HERO5 Session, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, HERO11, HERO12, MAX and Bones

HERO10 Note: LCD must be on for the QR Code scanning to be active.

More features for Labs enabled cameras

updated: June 7, 2024