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Extensions and Other Smaller Additions

After the release of the the first Labs firmware for HERO8, we heard the feedback and added features wherever possible. Some of the more major features got their own page, the rest are documented in this collection.

Miscellaneous Metadata controls.

All metadata QR commands are written in the form oMwxzy=value(s) or !Mwxzy=value(s) – where the four character code (4CC) wxzy is under your control, along with the data it stores. The !M version will permanently store the metadata, and the oM will store it for only this power-on session. Metadata is available to flag your files for special uses, or just to label the camera owner. Some particular 4CCs will also change camera behavior and/or enable features. Here is a list of additional metadata driven controls:

HERO9 only - Overlay extensions

HERO9/10 and Bones camera - Extensions latest Labs firmware

HERO10 and Bones cameras - Advanced features

HERO10 only - Advanced features

Metadata Four CC: e.g. BIAS, HIST etc.
Metadata Value(s): e.g. 2.0 or “Joe Blogg”, strings in quotes, numbers comma separated.


Share this QR Code as a URL:

Alternative Exposure Controls.

ver 1.16

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