FAQ and Known Issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have somehow stumbled here first, note that there are specifications, demos, and tutorials which expand upon much of the information here. These can be found, among other places, from the home page.


It is standard Bluetooth 4.0 range and it depends on external factors such as: Interference: anything interfering with the signal will shorten the range. The type of device that the camera is connected to: BT classification distinguishes 3 device classes based on their power levels. Depending on the class of the connected device, the range varies from less than 10 meters to 100 meters.

Theoretically yes, if you already know the SSID, password, and the camera’s WiFi AP has been enabled. However, practically no because BLE is required in order to discover this information and configure the AP.

Yes, however there is some functionality that is not possible over BLE such as accessing the media list and downloading files.

Simultaneously, only one device can connect at a time. However, the camera stores BLE security keys and other connection information so it is possible to connect multiple devices sequentially.


Yes, preview is disabled during record on all video settings.

In VLC, for example, you need to open network stream udp://@ You may see some latency due to VLC caching. See the Preview Stream tutorial for more information.

The answer at a high level is >= Hero 9. However, there are also certain firmware requirements. For a complete answer, see the Specification.


If you are able to consistently reproduce a problem, please file a bug on Github Issues

If you have not yet paired to the camera with the desired device, then you need to first set the camera into pairing mode (Connections->Connect Device->Quick App). If you have already paired, then the camera should be advertising and ready to connect. If it is not advertising, it is possible you are already connected to it from a previous session. To be sure, power cycle both the camera and the peer device.

On >= Hero 11, try disabling and then re-enabling the camera’s Wifi AP using the AP Control BLE Command

Known Issues

Relevant to All Supported Cameras

On rare occasions, connections to the camera’s Wifi AP will continuously fail until the camera is reset. It is possible to workaround this as described in Troubleshooting

Once the camera has been connected in station mode (STA), it will start sending protobuf notifications with action ID 0xFF. These should be ignored.

Hero 11 (v01.10.00) Specific

This is fixed by Resetting Connections and then re-pairing.