BLE Setup

Before sending and receiving data, it is first necessary to configure the BLE connection for communication.

Below is an overview of setting up communication. See the relevant section below for more information:

  1. Ensure the camera is connectable and in pairing mode

  2. Scan to discover advertisements from GoPro peripheral devices (which can be narrowed by limiting to peripherals that advertise service 0xFEA6)

  3. Connect to a discovered peripheral device

  4. Finish pairing with the peripheral device

  5. Discover all advertised services and characteristics

  6. Subscribe to notifications from all characteristics that have the notify flag set

Pairing Mode

In order for the camera to be discoverable and allow connections, it must first be put into pairing mode via the camera UI.


Once in pairing mode, the camera will send BLE advertisements while it is ON and for the first 8 hours after the camera is put to sleep. During this time, the camera is discoverable and can be connected to. If the camera is in sleep mode, connecting to it will cause the camera to wake and boot up.

Finish Pairing

In order to communicate with a GoPro camera via BLE, a client must first be paired with the camera. The pairing procedure must be done once for each new client. If the camera is factory reset, all clients will need to pair again. The camera will store pairing information so subsequent connections with this client do not require pairing.

Configure GATT Characteristics

In order to enable two-way communication with a GoPro camera, clients must subscribe to characteristics that have the notify flag set. Best practice is to query the GATT table to dynamically discover all notifiable characteristics. Alternatively, see the GATT table below.


The GoPro device does not support the BLE feature of caching these subscriptions so the characteristics must be re-subscribed for upon each connection.

BLE Characteristics


GP-XXXX is shorthand for GoPro’s 128-bit UUID: b5f9XXXX-aa8d-11e3-9046-0002a5d5c51b

Service UUID Service Characteristic UUID Description Permissions
GP-0001 GoPro Wifi Access Point GP-0002 WiFi AP SSID Read / Write
GP-0003 WiFi AP Password Read / Write
GP-0004 WiFi AP Power Write
GP-0005 WiFi AP State Read / Indicate
GP-0090 GoPro Camera Management GP-0091 Network Management Command Write
GP-0092 Network Management Response Notify
FEA6 Control & Query GP-0072 Command Write
GP-0073 Command Response Notify
GP-0074 Settings Write
GP-0075 Settings Response Notify
GP-0076 Query Write
GP-0077 Query Response Notify

Send Messages

Messages are sent to the camera by writing to a write-enabled UUID and then waiting for a notification from the corresponding response / notification UUID. Responses and notifications indicate whether the message was valid and will be (asynchronously) processed. For example, to send a camera control command, a client should write to GP-0072 and then wait for a response notification from GP-0073.

See the following Protocol sections for steps to build and parse messages.