ID Tables

Command IDs

ID Command
0x01 Set Shutter
0x05 Sleep
0x0D Set Date Time
0x0E Get Date Time
0x0F Set Local Date Time
0x10 Get Local Date Time
0x17 Set AP Control
0x18 Hilight Moment
0x3C Get Hardware Info
0x3E Load Preset Group
0x40 Load Preset
0x50 Set Analytics
0x51 Get Open GoPro Version
0x5B Keep Alive
SettingID Set Setting

Query IDs

Query ID Query
0x12 Get Setting Values
0x13 Get Status Values
0x32 Get Setting Capabilities
0x52 Register for Setting Value Updates
0x53 Register for Status Value Updates
0x62 Register for Setting Capability Updates
0x72 Unregister for Setting Value Updates
0x73 Unregister for Status Value Updates
0x82 Unregister for Setting Capability Updates
0x92 Asynchronous setting value Notification
0x93 Asynchronous status value Notification
0xA2 Asynchronous setting capability Notification

Protobuf IDs

Feature ID Action ID Operation Element Protobuf Message
0x02 0x02 "Scan for Access Points" Request RequestStartScan
0x02 0x03 "Get AP Scan Results" Request RequestGetApEntries
0x02 0x04 "Connect to Provisioned Access Point" Request RequestConnect
0x02 0x05 "Connect to a New Access Point" Request RequestConnectNew
0x02 0x0B "Scan for Access Points" Notification NotifStartScanning
0x02 0x0C "Connect to Provisioned Access Point" Notification NotifProvisioningState
0x02 0x0C "Connect to a New Access Point" Notification NotifProvisioningState
0x02 0x82 "Scan for Access Points" Response ResponseStartScanning
0x02 0x83 "Get AP Scan Results" Response ResponseGetApEntries
0x02 0x84 "Connect to Provisioned Access Point" Response ResponseConnect
0x02 0x85 "Connect to a New Access Point" Response ResponseConnectNew
0xF1 0x64 "Update Custom Preset" Request RequestCustomPresetUpdate
0xF1 0x65 "Set COHN Setting" Request RequestSetCOHNSetting
0xF1 0x66 "Clear COHN Certificate" Request RequestClearCOHNCert
0xF1 0x67 "Create COHN Certificate" Request RequestCreateCOHNCert
0xF1 0x69 "Set Camera Control" Request RequestSetCameraControlStatus
0xF1 0x6B "Set Turbo Transfer" Request RequestSetTurboActive
0xF1 0x79 "Set Livestream Mode" Request RequestSetLiveStreamMode
0xF1 0xE4 "Update Custom Preset" Response ResponseGeneric
0xF1 0xE5 "Set COHN Setting" Response ResponseGeneric
0xF1 0xE6 "Clear COHN Certificate" Response ResponseGeneric
0xF1 0xE7 "Create COHN Certificate" Response ResponseGeneric
0xF1 0xE9 "Set Camera Control" Response ResponseGeneric
0xF1 0xEB "Set Turbo Transfer" Response ResponseGeneric
0xF1 0xF9 "Set Livestream Mode" Response ResponseGeneric
0xF5 0x6D "Get Last Captured Media" Request RequestGetLastCapturedMedia
0xF5 0x6E "Get COHN Certificate" Request RequestCOHNCert
0xF5 0x6F "Get COHN Status" Request RequestGetCOHNStatus
0xF5 0x72 "Get Available Presets" Request RequestGetPresetStatus
0xF5 0x74 "Get Livestream Status" Request RequestGetLiveStreamStatus
0xF5 0xED "Get Last Captured Media" Response ResponseLastCapturedMedia
0xF5 0xEE "Get COHN Certificate" Response ResponseCOHNCert
0xF5 0xEF "Get COHN Status" Response NotifyCOHNStatus
0xF5 0xEF "Get COHN Status" Notification NotifyCOHNStatus
0xF5 0xF2 "Get Available Presets" Response NotifyPresetStatus
0xF5 0xF3 "Get Available Presets" Notification NotifyPresetStatus
0xF5 0xF4 "Get Livestream Status" Response NotifyLiveStreamStatus
0xF5 0xF5 "Get Livestream Status" Notification NotifyLiveStreamStatus

Setting IDs

ID Setting
2 Video Resolution
3 Frames Per Second
43 Webcam Digital Lenses
59 Auto Power Down
83 GPS
108 Video Aspect Ratio
121 Video Lens
122 Photo Lens
123 Time Lapse Digital Lenses
128 Media Format
134 Setup Anti-Flicker
135 Hypersmooth
150 Video Horizon Leveling
151 Photo Horizon Leveling
162 Max Lens
167 HindSight
171 Photo Single Interval
172 Photo Interval Duration
173 Video Performance Mode
175 Controls
176 Easy Mode Speed
177 Enable Night Photo
178 Wireless Band
179 Trail Length
180 System Video Mode
182 Video Bit Rate
183 Bit Depth
184 Profiles
186 Video Easy Mode
187 Lapse Mode
189 Max Lens Mod
190 Max Lens Mod Enable
191 Photo Mode
192 Multi Shot Aspect Ratio
193 Framing

Status IDs

ID Status
1 Is the system's internal battery present?
2 Rough approximation of internal battery level in bars (or charging)
6 Is the system currently overheating?
8 Is the camera busy?
9 Is Quick Capture feature enabled?
10 Is the system currently encoding?
11 Is LCD lock active?
13 When encoding video, this is the duration (seconds) of the video so far; 0 otherwise
17 Are Wireless Connections enabled?
19 None
20 The last type of pairing in which the camera was engaged
21 Time since boot (milliseconds) of last successful pairing complete action
22 State of current scan for WiFi Access Points
23 Time since boot (milliseconds) that the WiFi Access Point scan completed
24 WiFi AP provisioning state
26 Wireless remote control version
27 Is a wireless remote control connected?
28 Wireless Pairing State. Each bit contains state information (see WirelessPairingStateFlags)
29 SSID of the AP the camera is currently connected to. On BLE connection, value is big-endian byte-encoded int32
30 The camera's WiFi SSID. On BLE connection, value is big-endian byte-encoded int32
31 The number of wireless devices connected to the camera
32 Is Preview Stream enabled?
33 None
34 How many photos can be taken with current settings before sdcard is full
35 How many seconds of video can be captured with current settings before sdcard is full
38 Total number of photos on sdcard
39 Total number of videos on sdcard
41 The current status of Over The Air (OTA) update
42 Is there a pending request to cancel a firmware update download?
45 Is locate camera feature active?
49 The current timelapse interval countdown value (e.g. 5...4...3...2...1...)
54 Remaining space on the sdcard in Kilobytes
55 Is preview stream supported in current recording/mode/secondary-stream?
56 WiFi signal strength in bars
58 The number of hilights in currently-encoding video (value is set to 0 when encoding stops)
59 Time since boot (milliseconds) of most recent hilight in encoding video (set to 0 when encoding stops)
60 The minimum time between camera status updates (milliseconds). Best practice is to not poll for status more often than this
65 None
66 Liveview Exposure Select: y-coordinate (percent)
67 Liveview Exposure Select: y-coordinate (percent)
68 Does the camera currently have a GPS lock?
69 Is AP mode enabled?
70 Internal battery level (percent)
74 None
75 Digital Zoom level (percent)
76 None
77 Is Digital Zoom feature available?
78 Are current video settings mobile friendly? (related to video compression and frame rate)
79 Is the camera currently in First Time Use (FTU) UI flow?
81 Is 5GHz wireless band available?
82 Is the system fully booted and ready to accept commands?
83 Is the internal battery charged sufficiently to start Over The Air (OTA) update?
85 Is the camera getting too cold to continue recording?
86 Rotational orientation of the camera
88 Is this camera model capable of zooming while encoding?
89 Current Flatmode ID
93 Current Video Preset (ID)
94 Current Photo Preset (ID)
95 Current Time Lapse Preset (ID)
96 Current Preset Group (ID) (corresponds to ui_mode_groups in settings.json)
97 Current Preset (ID)
98 Preset Modified Status, which contains an event ID and a Preset (Group) ID
99 The number of Live Bursts can be captured with current settings before sdcard is full
100 Total number of Live Bursts on sdcard
101 Is Capture Delay currently active (i.e. counting down)?
102 None
103 None
104 Is the system's Linux core active?
105 Camera lens type (reflects changes to lens settings such as 162, 189, 194, ...)
106 Is Video Hindsight Capture Active?
107 None
108 Is Scheduled Capture set?
110 Note that this is a bitmasked value.
111 Does sdcard meet specified minimum write speed?
112 Number of sdcard write speed errors since device booted
113 Is Turbo Transfer active?
114 Camera control status ID
115 Is the camera connected to a PC via USB?
116 Camera control over USB state
117 Total SD card capacity in Kilobytes
118 None